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If you examine the description of venturers, you will find a personality quite the opposite of yours. You prefer a life that is more structured, stable and predictable. You would rather follow some set patterns or routines in your life so that you are more likely to know what will happen during each day and, therefore, can plan or prepare for it much better.

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Your actions are more predictable and dependable than is true of many people. Others know they can rely on you to do what you say because you follow through on your commitments. And, more than any other group, what others see on the surface reflects your true personality. You don’t play games in dealing with friends and associates. A handshake is your word and you mean it. That’s why I call you a Traditional – you act the same with all people. Nothing fake about your personality. You also have the distinction of belonging to the smallest group, comprising just 3% of the population.

With a love of some consistency and predictability in your life, does it mean you lead a boring existence? Hardly! A sense of routine can make changes to your daily routine seem much more interesting and exciting. Besides, your calm and steady personality provides an extraordinarily important function in society. Through your commitment to consistency and honesty, you add stability to daily life of others around you, helping to keep society from being pulled off course by those who constantly want to change what is tried and true. Without your stability, there would be fewer lasting common values that serve as glue to society and give the nation a sense of direction and purpose.

At work, in your church (if you attend), or in your lodge group, you are often the one that people ask to do a task when they want it done right. Your relatively quiet and easygoing manner, coupled with your commitment to doing everything well, means that others know they don’t have to continually check on you. You have qualities that many other people wish they had, but admit they don’t have the patience to practice. Your travel habits tend to follow a more easy to understand pattern. You would rather go to places that have earned a well deserved reputation as being great, rather than experiment with more recently discovered and, potentially, less satisfying destinations.

These better known places offer much of what you want, including interesting things to do and predictable quality for hotels and restaurants. These well established destinations usually have major hotel chains at all price levels, a good selection of restaurants (particularly family style), and entertainment facilities that you may not have time to use very often back home, such as miniature golf courses, arcades, movie theaters, and established entertainers.

When given a choice, you usually prefer to travel with a group of people, rather than alone. Your preference is to take trips with friends because you enjoy the company of others. Interesting people that you meet on a trip can also add to the overall quality of your experiences. Fully escorted tours are chosen more often for your trips, especially when you go to Europe or someplace far away. You see the many advantages of these tours. These ensure that you hit all of the important spots, good hotels are selected so there’s no risk in your choices and, since restaurants are largely predetermined, you need not give much thought to the possibility of getting sick on local food. You enjoy sightseeing activities considerably, and it is especially helpful to have a guide who serves as an interpreter and can handle money exchange and other problem situations you might encounter in a strange country.

You travel less than all other groups, take fewer vacations, don’t go as far from home, stay away fewer nights, and spend less on those trips. Also, you often have a great preference for destinations you can drive to, rather than having to get there by airline. When you find a place you like, you would much rather return to it on a regular basis than seek out a new and different spot each time. In this manner, you have reduced some of the risks associated with selecting a new spot for each vacation, a typical pattern of Venturers.

When you do take a trip, there is a lot to talk about when you return-so much that you have seen, so much that you have done. You hope to retain the excitement of all this to some degree by picking up some of the visual reminders of where you have been. These might be silver sugar spoon sets from England to add to your collection at home, a matched set of Hawaiian shirts, or a desk-size copy of the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower. Crowds at places you visit don’t bother you. Rather, you like them. Lots of people having fun, like you, means that it’s a great place or they wouldn’t come.

Your media habits contribute heavily to the rankings and importance of most of the top shows on television. Because you are a social person, you enjoy the type of humor that permeates many sitcoms. Baseball is often the favorite sport for your type of personality with your interest growing in intensity during pennant races and world-series playoffs. Because you like the more captivating feel of television, you tend to read fewer magazines and books than other groups.

An important goal in life is to reduce risk and make sensible choices. Therefore, you tend to be a late adopter of new products. You prefer to wait until competing technologies have sorted themselves out, the winning products or brand names have established themselves, and prices have declined to the point that they now seem stable and offer very good value. In this manner, you are much better at saving money than venturesome types who will try out new unproven products when they first come out, and when they’re at their most expensive point in product life cycles. Thus, you seek out discount stores and follow advertised sales events. In your daily shopping, you tend to select more popular, well-known brands. Their popularity means that they must be good or so many others would not be using them.

In summary, if you fit the typical personality type of an Traditional, you are a very valued person because you help to keep society on course. Your travel habits are more predictable than is true for a Venturer. In general, you want to choose destinations that are well known, provide good value for the money, and offer an array of the kinds of entertainment and things to do that you also enjoy back home. You don’t travel as much and, when you do, you’d rather jump into the family auto or camper/trailer, rather than get on an airplane and face the uncertainties that go with today’s air travel.

Your preference for escorted tours when you take a trip grows out of the fact that they ensure that you’ll see all of the important and interesting places at a price that is highly competitive, and because you also enjoy being around people. Obviously, look for places that measure high in providing satisfaction for Traditional personalities to ensure that you will enjoy your next leisure trip to the fullest.

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