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Laid back, calm, easygoing, happy-go-lucky, unruffled, untroubled, informal, unceremonious, casual, and carefree. A lot of these words probably apply to you. You’ve even heard them used by friends and associates to describe you in the past. Above all, you probably have been labeled as mellow, creating a feeling among friends that you are genial, calm in most of life’s storms (at least on the surface), cordial, affable, cheerful, pleasant, and agreeable. And you are a true-blue kind of person-someone who never plays the snob and who is loyal to friends and associates. About 17% of the population (one out of six) shares your characteristics.

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You are called a Sightseer because you fit between the Traditionals and Journeyers. Your steady and unwavering personality means that others can depend on you to help them out when they’ve run into difficulty or need help on a personal project. But you are a little more flexible in approaching your daily routine than a pure-Authentic who prefers a more routine daily existence. Like most people you’ve faced your share of troubles in life but you have been far better than many in being able to handle them with a sense of calm and steadiness.

An easygoing approach to life wins a lot of friends, so your social circle can be very broad and interesting. You especially develop deep and long lasting friendships. Most of us like to be around people who allow us to be as we are, and your acceptance of almost anyone and everyone creates that comfortable feeling for others. Typically, your demands from life aren’t heavy. You don’t buy fancy cars, or change them every two years, live in a grand house, or brag about your accomplishments. However, golf provides lots of fun for a foursome of friends to rib each other and make it a truly social event. You consider life to be rather good just taking it as it comes on a daily basis. If you have faced a lot of difficult situations in life, these have probably made you a stronger person and also better adjusted. You recognize more of what is good, cherish it, and come away with greater contentment.

Your personality type can go one of two ways depending upon which path you choose. Most who are like you possess great home-related skills-wood-working, home fix-up, cooking and sewing, gardening, and related activities-to the point that neighbors and friends admire your accomplishments and ask for your help with their own feeble attempts to replicate what you do so easily. But, if you haven’t kept active, you also understand that there can be a downside in your daily life. An easy going approach can lead to too much TV, munching on snacks as you watch, or just sitting around and talking with others too often. The inactivity, you recognize, is beginning to show in your waistline and it makes you less energetic than you wish. However, if you’re one of the wise ones, you have that under control and have decided that you’ll get more active so that you don’t become a pretty dull person.

Like Traditionals, you prefer watching TV to reading newspapers and magazines, and will rent recent movies for your home entertainment center as soon as these are available from a local video rental store or online. Baseball is a popular sport with you, and you also tend to be an avid follower of favorite football and basketball teams. It’s great to get together with friends at your house or theirs to cheer on the home teams or go to a game for a tailgating party.

Your mellow personality also impacts your approach to travel. Most likely, leisure travel doesn’t measure at the top of your list of priorities. You’d rather spend time around the house doing fix-up jobs, enjoying your back yard, or having barbeques and visits with friends and neighbors. When you do take a trip, you typically prefer popular places with lots of sunshine like Florida, Arizona or California. You want the assurance of good weather and the certainty that you know what you’ll experience after you arrive. And you like to return regularly to places you have visited before that you have really liked. You don’t want surprises-going to a new destination and finding that it was not what you or your family expected. And you’d rather take the trip in your car/SUV or camper/trailer. This allows you to take along many of the things you like to have with you on a vacation trip, as compared to going by air and being limited to a couple of bags per person. Many in your group own good-sized mobile homes, and they love to go to places where they can meet others with similar interests and swap stories at night and enjoy the social gatherings. Some people even plan dates in advance when they will meet with other camper/mobile home owners again and renew their friendships.

If you travel internationally, the best choice for you and others with similar traits is to select a good tour company. Handling all of the details of planning a big trip is not something you enjoy, and they take care of everything, including emergency situations while on the trip. You will meet a lot of people who have similar interests, helping to make the trip even more enjoyable. You might also want to consider a cruise in the Caribbean. Great weather, beautiful beaches, and a chance to meet a lot of people on board that you will probably enjoy. Cruise friendships can last for years, and some even plan upcoming cruises to be with people they met on previous voyages.

To make your next trip one that you will most likely enjoy, look for destinations from our list that rank high for those with Traditional personalities. These choices were made by people with similar personalities who have gone to the places that you would also probably like and they have ranked them high on their list.

Because you have broad travel interests (you’ll travel by car or by air), you will find destinations that will please you among places preferred by Sightseers and also Voyagers. It’s a rather fortunate position for you since more destinations can please your type of person.

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