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The following description of your personality type is based on more than three decades of personality research and refinement by Dr. Stanley C. Plog with about 200,000 travelers. It has been described in three books by Dr. Plog, articles in professional journals, chapters in tourism textbooks, and it also is used by travel professionals to help them understand your unique needs when you travel.

Personality Types
Venturers Authentics
Venturers Journeyers
Pioneers Sightseers
Voyagers Traditionals

Six personality types fit along a continuum. The personality types have two names each, as seen in the box at right. Dr. Plog came up with the names on left side of the box, which we translated into the more common names on the right side.

You should find that most of the description of your personality type fits you quite well. But, because we are all still unique in many ways, some characteristics may be true of a majority of persons with your personality but not all. You may also want to read some of the other personality descriptions to see how you differ from others. You’re free to browse through any of the personality types and you’ll probably be able to identify the characteristics of people you know.


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Travel Personality Types

Venturers Pioneers Voyagers Journeyers Sightseers Traditionals


Leisure travel occupies a central place in your life. If you are a typical Venturer, you go to more places, more often and participate in more unique experiences than anyone else. That’s why I call you a Venturer-someone who ventures forth very eagerly and excitedly. You fit in a small group. Only about 4% of all travelers share your extreme love of going to out of the way places and constantly seeking out of the ordinary adventures.
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As a Pioneer, your personality fits between venturers and those more in the center of the personality spectrum (“Centrics”). You share a number of characteristics in common with pure Venturers. You like to travel, especially to foreign destinations and you seek new experiences and new destinations for almost all trips you take. You are also physically active at home and on trips. But, unlike your pure Venturer friends, you don’t want to take such extreme vacations and are more likely to plan your trips-set an itinerary of places you want to visit and schedules when you will be there. You also have more company. About 17% of the population has a personality that matches yours, vs. only 4% for pure Venturers.
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By definition, you fit between Venturer and Traditional but with a leaning towards the Venturer side. Compared to other groups, you have lots of company. Three out of ten travelers (30%) place in your group, making you one of the largest segments of travelers. As a result, the majority of travel providers-airlines, resorts, rental car companies, tour operators, cruise lines, and others- place you at the top of their list of persons they want to reach and motivate to travel.
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You belong to one of the two largest personality groups on my scale. Three out of ten people share your personality characteristics. You are called an Traditionals because of your steady, predictable (authentic) approach to your daily life, and your Centric label derives from characteristics you share in common with persons who fit in the center of the personality scale. Your travel interests and daily life are more varied and diverse than either Traditionals or Sightseers. You will fly or drive on a leisure trip, but you generally prefer to go by car or SUV when you can.
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Laid back, calm, easygoing, happy-go-lucky, unruffled, untroubled, informal, unceremonious, casual, and carefree. A lot of these words probably apply to you. You’ve even heard them used by friends and associates to describe you in the past. Above all, you probably have been labeled as mellow, creating a feeling among friends that you are genial, calm in most of life’s storms (at least on the surface), cordial, affable, cheerful, pleasant, and agreeable. And you are a true-blue kind of person-someone who never plays the snob and who is loyal to friends and associates. About 17% of the population (one out of six) shares your characteristics.
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If you examine the description of Venturers, you will find a personality quite the opposite of yours. You prefer a life that is more structured, stable and predictable. You would rather follow some set patterns or routines in your life so that you are more likely to know what will happen during each day and, therefore, can plan or prepare for it much better.
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